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Coronavirus – China manufacturing & shipping update

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) continues to disrupt supply chains. Factory, transport and waterside operations are still not yet at capacity. With travel restrictions in place, the movement of cargo is significantly limited.
What’s next for your supply chain?

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Magellan welcomes Paul Driscoll

It is with much pleasure that we announce the appointment of Paul Driscoll in the newly created role of National Sales Manager.

Paul joined us in November 2019. In the three short months since the team is delighted with our new colleague and impressed with the impact, he has already made on our business.

An experienced sales professional and general manager with more than 25 years in the logistics and supply chain industry both in Australia and in Europe Paul is skilled in all facets of supply chain logistics. This experience spans multi-nationals and smaller local operations and ranges from shipping and airfreight, customs clearance, freight and transport operations, 3pl and warehouse operations to a more strategic focus in international trade, procurement and supply chain management and optimisation.

He brings this wealth of experience and natural talent to the task of leading and enhancing our sales function. Paul’s guiding principle for work and life is “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Relishing the meaty challenge of optimising supply chains and creating genuine value for businesses Paul is skilled at identifying roadblocks, cutting down lead-times and stripping out cost. In addition to his deep understanding of supply chain logistics, Paul is a natural leader of people; coaching and mentoring our talented and growing sales team.  A perfect combination in the dynamic and complex world of logistics.

When asked to reflect on what makes him successful in his various roles so far, Paul identifies his ability to generate useful insights through his understanding and ability to think beyond the obvious. This combined with a determination not to settle for second best are the key ingredients for his success.

We are looking forward to big things in 2020 and have no doubt Paul will exceed our expectations.

If you have a sales query, please contact Paul Driscoll on +61 3 8318 9605, +61 407 484 584 or via email at

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Bushfires recovery: Magellan raises $3300 for GERF

Magellan management generously matched funds raised by staff by a ratio of 10:1 and a total of $3300 has been donated to the Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund .

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Chinese New Year 2020

The Chinese New Year of 2020 is approaching. The public holiday in China for Chinese New Year is from 24 January to 30 January 2020. The official date for celebration is Saturday 25 January 2019; however many factories close earlier.

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Client services gets a professional development boost

Congratulations to our Client Services Manager Bree Watson on successfully completing the Success Strategies for Leaders and Supervisors course.

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Airfreight operations: Rita flying right for 10 years

Congratulations to our Airfreight Operations Manager/Guru Rita for 10 year’s service to Magellan.

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Do you feel important?

Do you consider where your company sits in terms of the importance your logistics partner places on your business? What about their collaboration with you and your people? Do you feel your business needs are well understood? And do their services and operational expertise meet your needs? Or does it feel like an awkward fit and you’re always having to explain yourself?

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Australian Trusted Trader – The Downside

The ATT has been designed to free businesses from the regulatory burdens of international trade they currently face. As volumes increase, those
not in the program will be left in the go-slow queue.

Can you afford not to be in the program? It should not be expected that remaining outside the ATT will simply mean the status quo remains.

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New Appointments at Magellan Logistics

It is with great pleasure that we announce the new appointments of two team members at Magellan Logistics New Zealand Limited.

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The Department of Agriculture has finalised its seasonal Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) measures for the 2019-20 BMSB risk season.

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