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Digital Freight Forwarding System

  • MagTrack Portal provides visibility over your inventory in a single dashboard view, in real-time.
  • Check on the progress of orders, bookings, shipments, and containers and view invoices – paid and unpaid.
  • Twelve dashboard tiles provide a snapshot of your items and link to detail screens throughout the system.
  • Full interactivity, allows you and your suppliers to create orders, change booking details and download .csv reports and invoices.
  • The document management module allows you to quickly see which shipments require your attention and upload any missing documents.

Freight Forwarding Management System

The digitisation of freight forwarding is the next frontier for improved customer experience and supply chain efficiency.  Digital freight forwarders put technology to work to speed up the quoting process,  offer seamless documentation handling and provide better shipment visibility via enhanced shipment tracking.

For those who want deeper integration, we can provide all the shipment information integrated with your data in your own system without the need for portal access or external reporting.

  • Real-time data integration – standardised data format increases data integrity and the value of the information
  • End-to-end visibility over orders, suppliers, and third-party partners
  • Reports tailored to your specifications and automatically triggered based on identified events
  • Advanced automation to improve speed and accuracy
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