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Importing from India to Australia


As India’s economy gathers momentum, it is emerging as a significant trading partner for Australia. Representing an estimated $6,000m in exports to Australia from India per year, India is poised to become an exciting new opportunity for many businesses. A carefully chosen logistics partner with a successful track record in India can help you take advantage of this opportunity of import from India or export to India from Australia and New Zealand.


What sets Magellan apart?


Specialist services for Air Freight and sea freight.


Regular LCL and FCL shipments from all major ports and inland hubs into Australia and New Zealand.


Consolidation services from all Air Freight hubs.


Pre-booked second carrier on all transshipments reduces lead-times.


Private bonded warehouse offers flexibility and control around clearances, inspections and quarantine.


Coordination of cartage, cargo insurance, warehousing and customs bonds.


Expert, licensed customs brokers, ensure the accurate rating of duties and taxes, so you receive the correct concessions and benefits.


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Frequently asked questions

You can import a wide range of goods from India. Some popular categories include textiles and apparel, handicrafts, spices and condiments, automotive parts and accessories, pharmaceutical products, electronics and electrical equipment.

With our expertise in international logistics management, Magellan ensures seamless import of goods from India by making sure all necessary customs regulations have been met.

Importing goods from India can provide several benefits for businesses in Australia. The most common benefits are;

  • 1. Cost-effectiveness
    Indian products are often competitively priced, making them an attractive option for importers looking to reduce costs and increase profit margins.
  • 2. Availability of wide range of products
    India is known for its diverse manufacturing industry, offering a wide variety of products across various sectors such as textiles, pharmaceuticals, electronics, automotive parts and more. This allows Australian businesses to access a broad range of goods that may not be readily available locally.
  • 3. High level of craftsmanship
    Indian artisans have long been renowned for their skillful craftsmanship and attention to detail. Importing goods from India ensures access to high-quality products that meet international standards.
  • 4. Cultural diversity
    Many consumers appreciate the unique cultural heritage associated with Indian-made products such as clothing, home decor items, handicrafts etc., which adds value and appeal to these imported goods in the Australian market.
  • 5. Logistical advantages
    Magellan has established strong networks throughout Asia including partnerships with reputable freight forwarders who specialise in the Australia/India tradelane. These relationships enable us to optimise transport efficiency while ensuring timely delivery and cost savings on transportation fees.
  • 6. Trade agreements
    The Australia-India Free Trade Agreement (AIFTA) provides favourable trade terms between both countries leading to reduced or eliminated tariffs on certain imports. This translates into added financial advantage when sourcing goods from India.

When importing from India, there are a few risks that businesses need to be aware of.

  • 1. Quality Control
    Ensuring the quality and consistency of products can sometimes be a challenge when importing from other countries, including India. It is important for businesses to establish clear specifications and conduct thorough inspections before finalising any purchase orders.
  • 2. Communication Challenges
    Language barriers and cultural differences may pose communication challenges during negotiations or while resolving issues with suppliers in India. Establishing effective lines of communication through translators or hiring local agents who understand both cultures can help mitigate these risks.
  • 3. Intellectual Property Protection
    Protecting intellectual property rights can also present a risk when sourcing goods from India due to varying levels of enforcement compared to other countries like Australia or Europe.
  • 4. Logistics Delays
    Shipping delays caused by long distances, customs clearance procedures, documentation requirements, port congestion, or unforeseen events such as natural disasters could impact delivery schedules and potentially disrupt supply chains.
  • 5. Political Instability & Regulatory Changes
    Political instability within the Indian government might lead to sudden regulatory changes impacting import/export policies which would affect your business operations.To minimise the risks associated with importing from India it’s advisable for Australian companies to partner with experienced logistics providers specialising in imports/exports between Australia-India trade lanes.Magellan offers comprehensive freight forwarding services tailored specifically towards mitigating potential risks involved in international trade logistics. With our extensive network across various regions, we ensure smooth transit of your goods whilst providing you visibility throughout every step.Call us today at 1300 651 888 to discuss how Magellan Logistics can assist you further!

Yes, it is possible to import goods from India without taking the help of a customs broker. Nevertheless, it is important to take professional assistance to avoid complex situations as international trading is complex. We highly recommend engaging the services of a licensed customs broker, with expertise in handling imports from India. At Magellan, we have a team of experienced professionals that can help you with comprehensive customs brokerage services according to your needs, ensuring smooth and efficient clearance of your goods through Australian Customs. Contact us today and let us help you import your goods from India seamlessly.

When importing goods from India to Australia, it is important to be aware of the various customs duties and taxes that may apply. It is worth noting that these duties and taxes are subject to change, so it is advisable to seek assistance from a licensed customs broker or consult official government sources for accurate information.

At Magellan, we understand the complexities of international freight forwarding and customs clearance services between India and Australia. With our extensive experience in this field, you can trust us to handle your import process efficiently and effectively.

In order to ensure a seamless customs clearance process, it is necessary to submit various documents. These include a Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Lading/Airway Bill, Import Declaration Form (IDF), Certificate of Origin and Insurance Documents. Depending on the specific circumstances, additional documentation may be required. For instance, quarantine approval may be necessary for importing plants and animals, while special licences are mandated for certain categories such as pharmaceuticals or chemicals.

Many factors impact the time, including shipping method, distance and customs procedures. If you choose sea freight shipments, it may take anywhere between 25 to 30 days. In contrast, air freight shipments take a few days to a week. However, you may face unexpected delays due to bad weather, security concerns, etc. Please contact us for more specific information on import times as it depends upon the shipping method you choose.

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