Imports & Exports

A Magellan solution for all your business needs


Whatever your goods and wherever in the world, your imported cargo is always handled safely and efficiently.

Magellan Logistics offers hassle-free importing of goods from anywhere in the world including North America, Europe, North and South East Asia and the Indian Subcontinent. Our team of import and logistics experts coordinate the shipping of your cargo, so it arrives at your warehouse or retail store safely and efficiently. From seasonal goods such as fashion and apparel, shoes, accessories and homewares to furniture, hardware, medical devices, technology and building materials you can be assured your imported goods are in safe hands.

  • Specialist services including air freight, sea freight consolidations, cross trades, Garments on Hangers, 3PL – including pick & pack, bar-coding, freight consolidation and distribution
  • Established alliance of network partners globally
  • Our large space allocations into Australia and New Zealand provide for regular LCL and FCL shipments
  • Consolidation services from all major airfreight hubs
  • Coordination of cartage, cargo insurance, warehousing, and customs bonds
  • Expert, licensed customs brokers dedicated to your business ensure accurate rating of duties and taxes, so you receive the correct concessions and benefits
  • Full end-to-end supply chain management
  • Automated reporting and real-time data integration between your system and ours allows full visibility and control of all shipping activity
  • Our Australian Trusted Trader accreditation recognises our secure supply chain and compliant trade practices and provides a range of trade facilitation benefits


Magellan Logistics has the world covered.

Whether your goods are food and fibre, precision machinery or medical equipment Magellan Logistics can handle your exports to all parts of the globe from Australia and New Zealand – if a ship sails there, or a plane flies there, Magellan can move it there.
Our team of export logistics experts has decades of experience in handling most commodities that are exported, you can say we’ve seen them all!

  • Seamless shipping of exports –via air freight and sea freight, or a combination of both
  • Analysis of best cost options to move your products into your export markets
  • Expert assistance to clear the red tape, to save time and money

Look no further than Magellan Logistics for all your importing needs. Our services include importing from a variety of locations including importing from India or importing from China to Australia. Contact us today for more info!



Catering to your high fashion needs

A solution that provides the utmost attention to detail – perfect for clients who seek to import high fashion goods that require that little bit of extra care.

Avoid unnecessary obstacles

No one likes surprises, especially when they turn into obstacles. We’re always one step ahead of the competition, providing you with the advice and guidance to help you avoid any unnecessary issues.

Proprietary communications system

We have spent 10 years designing and perfecting a communication system that ensures you can relax – safe in the knowledge that each step has been managed carefully and professionally. Our up-to-date reports let you know all the important details so we can spend less time fixing problems and enjoy more time building relationships.

Who said logistics was boring?

Whether you’ve been in the industry for 20 years or three months, knowledge of crucial & cost-saving information is essential to effectively running your operations. Do you know the duty on footwear produced in developing countries?, or that you can actually increase your speed to market by trucking cargo to a different port of origin? We live and breathe logistics – tap into our knowledge to make your freight forwarding run smoothly.