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Shenzhen lockdown to stem Omicron outbreak.

In COVID-19 Posted March 16, 2022 at 3:59 pm
By Con Xegas

Shenzhen lockdown to stem Omicron outbreak.

Enhanced pandemic prevention measures to stem an Omicron variant outbreak have resulted in a Shenzhen lockdown with the closure of all communities and villages and suspension of bus and metro services from 14th to 20th March.

Apart from essential services, all workers must work from home from 14th to 18th March. Manufacturing and business operations for non-essential industries will cease during this period.
Accordingly, our overseas partner office will be working from home in the coming week. As per previous lockdowns, they will be available to us as usual.

However, logistics operations across the city will be affected as follows:
– Trucking services are restricted in some areas.
– All bond warehouse activities are suspended
– All CFS depot activities are suspended until further notice
– All shippers, including factories, will stop production and postpone cargo loading/delivery plans
– Carriers are reviewing changes to FCL and Air Freight schedules
– Some FCL container yards are temporarily closed
– Air Freight facilities remain operating with reduced productivity due to labour shortages
– Customs declaration/clearance remain unaffected

In addition to the Shenzhen lockdown, there are 18 other provinces in China (including Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jilin, Suzhou, Guangzhou and Beijing) under some form of lockdown to restrict the spread of the outbreak.

We expect these measures will heavily restrict container movement at ports which will, as we’ve seen in the past.


Shanghai has also reported increased cases that have prompted authorities to temporarily shut down individual schools, businesses, restaurants and malls over close-contact fears rather than mass quarantines and total lockdowns in the region. These closures are not a blanket lockdown like Shenzhen and much of Shanghai is still functioning as usual. However, if cases continue to rise the government officials have not ruled out a true lockdown as an option.


Hong Kong has reported almost 27,000 new cases in the last 24-hour period. City leaders have decided that there will be no tightening of restrictions at present but this may change if the spread increases.

We are watching developments closely and maintaining regular contact with our Chinese partners. If any of your cargo becomes impacted by delays, a member of our Client Services team will contact you to advise directly.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please get in touch with your Account Manager or Client Services Representative or email me at con@maglog.com.au.

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