Customs Brokerage & Compliance

A Magellan solution for all your business needs

Licensed Customs Broker & Customs Clearance Agent


International trade is complex, involving a series of intricacies and formalities and many international laws. Your business depends on your ability to navigate this web of requirements. Experienced and dedicated customs clearance experts who know your supply chain and your business are essential partners.
Magellan’s team of customs brokers are specially trained and licensed to handle all customs and quarantine requirements and routinely deal with importers, exporters, port authorities and governments, making them your ideal partners to get your cargo across the border and into store.
Magellan Logistics has Australian Trusted Trader accreditation which recognises our secure supply chain and compliant trade practices. Our ATT status provides us and you with a range of trade facilitation benefits, including a dedicated account manager within the Australian Border Force to help us quickly address the complexities of the border clearance process.

Our licensed customs brokers are also accredited with:

  • DAWR (Department of Agriculture & Water Resources)
  • Australian Border Force
  • IFIP (Imported Foods Inspection Program)
  • New Zealand’s Customs and MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries)

Why Magellan:

Our comprehensive customs brokerage service includes:

  • Import and export clearance through all ports and airports
  • Expert brokers ensure accurate rating of duties and taxes
  • Integrated with DAWRs and Border Force to provide fast and efficient clearance
  • Auditing and assistance with tariff concession applications, tariff advice and consultation
  • Up-to-date advice on quarantine regulations specific to your cargo
  • Advice on export grants, valuation procedures, copyright/ trademark issues, GST and tax, quarantine, anti-dumping, bonded warehousing, packaging requirements, fumigation certificates, duty drawback, free trade agreements, bylaws, Tradex, GST deferral, landed costings, and Australian Trusted Trader
  • Preparation of international trade documentation, including preference certificates, certificates of origin, import & export licenses, etc
  • Coordination of trucking and cartage, cargo insurance, warehousing and customs bonds

How you benefit:

  • Save time – we make it our business to understand yours and provide you with a dedicated customs broker to handle your account
  • Save money – delays cost money. Because we know your business, products and supply chains, we can advise on requirements and predict issues before they become expensive problems
  • Nobody knows your job better than you. By engaging our customs expertise, you’re free to focus on what you do best
  • Be sure you are making the most of your opportunities and ensure your shipments are prepared correctly with expert advice on all the relevant customs matters


Catering to your high fashion needs

A solution that provides the utmost attention to detail – perfect for clients who seek to import high fashion goods that require that little bit of extra care.

Avoid unnecessary obstacles

No one likes surprises, especially when they turn into obstacles. We’re always one step ahead of the competition, providing you with the advice and guidance to help you avoid any unnecessary issues.

Proprietary communications system

We have spent 10 years designing and perfecting a communication system that ensures you can relax – safe in the knowledge that each step has been managed carefully and professionally. Our up-to-date reports let you know all the important details so we can spend less time fixing problems and enjoy more time building relationships.

Who said logistics was boring?

Whether you’ve been in the industry for 20 years or three months, knowledge of crucial & cost-saving information is essential to effectively running your operations. Do you know the duty on footwear produced in developing countries?, or that you can actually increase your speed to market by trucking cargo to a different port of origin? We live and breathe logistics – tap into our knowledge to make your freight forwarding run smoothly.