Digital freight tracking: The Benefits

In Tracking Posted July 13, 2021 at 5:19 pm
By David Thatcher

Digital freight tracking: The Benefits


Just as our online shopping experiences have trained us to expect information at our fingertips, global shippers are beginning to demand the same from their freight forwarders. Self-service solutions such as digital freight tracking system, real-time visibility and better control over shipments and documentation are becoming permission to play rather than a value-added service for our clients.

There are multiple touch-points between clients and forwarders. Those who are accustomed to information on-demand may perceive the process as slow and tedious.

Forwarders who offer their customers a choice in managing their international freight movements can meet a range of expectations.


Without real-time tracking – the ability to see where a cargo shipment is at any given time – customers can’t instantaneously check arrival times or manage for delays.

Visibility gives shippers access to their data and documents, such as bills of lading. They can see when their shipments have cleared customs or if an exception has occurred. If a shipment is delayed, customers want to know the status to adjust resources and notify their own customers of the ETA.

Increasingly, people are not bound to their desktops.  Importers and exporters also want to be able to direct their operations on the go.

Knowing the whereabouts of your freight is essential. It helps you make better decisions that reduce costs and drive efficiencies.  It also allows you to offer an excellent service to your customers and give your customs the ability to track their orders.


  1. Improve efficiency and reduce waste.

Logistics managers need tools to help them manage increased shipment volumes and complexities.

  1. Manage inventory

Inventory levels need careful monitoring. Warehouse space must be available to accept deliveries and shipments ready for pickup at the agreed time. Turning away a container because you don’t have the space is costly, but equally so is running out of stock due to an unexpected delay.

  1. Be more competitive

Companies that use tracking technology are more efficient and customer-centric. Those who provide accurate shipping information win the repeat business. First-mile tracking data feeds into your own tracking system giving your customers a more complete picture.

  1. Meet customer demands

With real-time tracking, you can ensure shipments arrive on time. By catching exceptions as they occur, you can minimize their impact on your and your customer’s business.

  1. Be more accountable

Even during volatile periods, there are no nasty surprises.  Tracking data allows you to be across the status of all shipments.

  1. Track and reroute delays

Covid, Suez, port congestion, freight rate hikes, and space scarcity makes the ability to be flexible and implement creative alternatives more critical than ever.  In these times, the phrase ‘to be forewarned is to be forearmed’ has taken on a deeper meaning.  Real-time shipment tracking can help you anticipate the difficulties you will face in landing your next shipment and the time to do something about it.

  1. Return your containers before detention kicks-in

Container tracking helps you stay on top of where your containers are and how long you’ve got to get them unpacked and returned.

  1. Make data-based improvements

Freight tracking can provide you with detailed insights into recurring patterns in your shipments. You can see which suppliers, ports, carriers and modes you use most, analyse performance and optimise. The data can improve your decision-making and streamline your operations.

An optimised shipping strategy is a vital component of an efficient supply chain.  A digital freight tracker is an essential part of your toolkit in maintaining visibility and control.

Get in touch with our team to learn how Magellan provides better visibility with the new MagTrack Portal and other services like customs broker, freight forwarder, digital freight forwarder and air freight forwarder.

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