MagTrack Portal – Take control of supply chain visibility

In Announcements Posted May 5, 2021 at 3:49 pm
By David Thatcher

MagTrack Portal – Take control of supply chain visibility

Today we do business in an information economy – those with the best information win.

In supply chain terms, this means supply chain visibility. More simply – being able to track goods in transit from manufacturer to destination. Its goal is to make your supply chain more efficient and resilient by making more and better information available to those who need it.

When businesses outsource parts of their supply chains, they also outsource their visibility and control over their inventories. Most shippers consider online shipment visibility to be essential. But due to the complexity and inefficiencies of international supply chains, it isn’t always achieved.

Good businesses demand better information

You can’t run a business blindly. Supply chain visibility is crucial to the success of an organisation. However, problems creep in when the individuals don’t know what’s happening upstream or downstream. Despite the challenges, it is possible to increase visibility and transparency across every stage of the supply chain.

MagTrack Portal

MagTrack Portal is a fully interactive portal where importers and their suppliers can check on the progress of orders, bookings, shipments, and containers in real-time, view invoices and upload documents to shipments.

–    View current status and estimated arrival dates

–    Ensure the on-time return of containers and avoid detention fees

–    Notifications and alerts give you the potential to resolve disruptions before they disrupt your business

–    Suppliers can also access the portal to update order ready dates, upload commercial invoices and add other critical shipment data

–    Search and print any invoice – paid or unpaid

–    View and attach documents to shipments, and quickly see any shipment with missing documents


MagTrack Portal - login screen

For those who want additional visibility, we can also integrate all the shipment information into your own system without the need for portal access or external reporting.

MagTrack Portal will put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to taking control of your supply chain. Click here for more information, email us, or call our team on 1300 651 888 for a discussion about how MagTrack can give you the visibility you need to stay in front.

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