Supply Chain Visibility

Access to timely and relevant information is crucial in your supply chain. Too often there is frustration over the gap in the information you need vs what you’re getting.

Visibility into shipment milestones puts you in the driver’s seat when taking control of your supply chain. Without it, you’re in the dark.

Our agile operating system enables us to offer automated standard and custom reporting, web portal access and even full integration – as much or as little as you want, delivered in a way that suits you best. With Magellan’s specialised, client-focused service our systems provide the best combination of visibility and control.

Best of all, there is no need to purchase expensive software or overhaul your systems.  The team at Magellan Logistics can take care of the set up for you.

End-to-end visibility over orders, suppliers & third-parties
Choice of automated reports, portal access via MagTrack or full data integration
Advanced automation to minimise manual reporting, improve speed and accuracy
Real-time data integration - complete visibility of all shipping activity
Tailor to your needs and automatically trigger reports based on identified events
Full paperless workflow ensures no shipments fall-through-the-gaps
Early detection of exceptions
Notifications and alerts on-the-go give you the potential to resolve disruptions before they disrupt your business
Efficiently direct warehouse, retail and last mile delivery teams using data analytics

MagTrack Portal

MagTrack’s fully interactive portal allows importers and their suppliers to check the progress of orders, bookings, shipments, and containers, view invoices and upload documents to shipments.

View current status and estimated arrival dates of shipments
See when your containers are due back and how many free days left see before detention starts
Search and print any invoice - paid or unpaid
View and attach documents to shipments, and quickly see any shipment with missing documents
Ensure shipment arrivals and the on-time return of containers with early detection of exceptions
Suppliers can also access the portal to update order ready dates, upload commercial invoices and add other critical shipment data
Magtrack Portal dashboard Interface
Magtrack Portal dashboard Interface