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Magellan Logistics

Supply chain and logistics management is a complex business, and getting more so. Now, more than ever, your ability to efficiently and effectively manage your supply chain risk is critical to the success of your business.

Choosing a freight forwarding company you can trust to navigate in this uncertain environment is essential if you want to get ahead and stay there.


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Our happy clients tell us

Magellan is like an extension of our team.
I appreciate your making this transaction go smoothly and your high level of professionalism.
It’s nice to be informed of progress all the way along.
The shipment just arrived. You are a miracle worker! Big huge thanks.
Thank you all for the effort you put in to achieve this difficult delivery.
We love the way you ensure the flow of information.
The way you get involved to find the best possible outcomes is impressive.
We’ve come to rely on your commitment to solving our problems.
You are the best! We couldn’t be happier with your service, easily the most reliable and hassle free freight contact I’ve ever had.
We are wrapped with the service you have provided.
You are an absolute hero and the bright spot in my week.
A massive thank you for all of your help this year! You have been amazing to work with and we appreciate all of the support.
Thanks for going to the extra mile to get the delivery here ahead of our biggest sales weekend ever! It was really appreciated.
Thank you very, very much, for all your work in getting our goods air freighted, cleared and delivered so speedily. Your service, is wonderful, I can't thank you enough.