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Poor strategic fit: Why aren’t you listening to me?

As much as they want to, your logistics partner sometimes just doesn’t have the right services, expertise and contracts in place to meet your needs. If your origin ports, modes and destinations don’t align with their coverage, they can’t provide an optimal service.

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Do you feel important?

Do you consider where your company sits in terms of the importance your logistics partner places on your business? What about their collaboration with you and your people? Do you feel your business needs are well understood? And do their services and operational expertise meet your needs? Or does it feel like an awkward fit and you’re always having to explain yourself?

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Peak Season 2019: Are you ready for it?

Peak Season: A frantic race for the finish line with a barrage of complications. Are you ready to do it all again or is there a better way?
Representing as much as 30% of annual sales for some retailers a successful Christmas trading period is essential to the survival of many Australian businesses. Planning ahead for Peak Season 2019 to get the most bang for your logistics buck will see you well placed to maximising your Christmas trading potential.

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What gets in the way of supply chain visibility

In the global logistics environment, everyone is talking about supply chain visibility and control. Supply chain visibility simply means having the right information, when you need it, so you can act on it. Getting this information is a challenge, or near on impossible when you don’t have the right systems to support you.

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Magellan’s Chris Barbour featured in FTD Magazine

FTD Magazine is a New Zealand based trade supply chain management publication, which focuses on quality articles and case studies with a skew towards New Zealand based products, services and individuals.

Magellan’s operations manager, Chris Barbour, hails from Christchurch and after working in the logistics field and studying for a number of years, he joined our team in early 2014.

This article that appeared in the October FTD Magazine edition, takes you through his journey so far.

We warmly congratulate Chris on his achievement in being featured, appreciate his hard work and having him as part of the Magellan team.

Click here to read the full article.



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