Supply chains today are incredibly complex.

The logistical challenges of keeping them running smoothly has never been more challenging. Nor has it been more important. As the world gets smaller and more interconnected, and supply chains longer and more complex the need for best practice intensifies and so too does the need for trust and confidence between the people and organisations involved.

What is an Australian Trusted Trader?

The Australian Government has recognized the importance of best practice and integrity in supply chain and sought to foster an environment of global competitiveness for international traders with the introduction of the Australian Trusted Trader Program.

By providing preferential treatment to businesses who meet supply chain security and trade compliance standards, Australian Trusted Trader incentivises quality systems and compliance.

Businesses accredited under the program receive a significant range of tangible financial and time-saving benefits – including reduced supply chain costs, improved lead times, and reduced audits – as well as more predictable customs processes and outcomes.

On the flipside, without the ATT, businesses could face a multitude of risk variables in supply chain logistics, which could result in significant disruptions to their supply chain.  Visit the Department of Home Affairs to learn more.

Magellan has your back

We understand you are operating in an environment characterised by ever increasing legislative and compliance requirements.  We want you to be confident you and your supply chain are supported by accredited industry leaders.

That’s why we sought and attained Australian Trusted Trader accreditation.

Benefits our accreditation that flow onto you:

  • One of the key benefits we enjoy as an accredited Trusted Trader is a Dedicated Account Manager. This provides us with direct access to the Australian Border Force and drastically minimises communication delays and complications and solves issues to get your cargo moving faster.
  • By being an ATT accredited service provider, we offer you the comfort that your freight forwarder and customs broker are compliant with the highest standards in the industry.
  • Businesses save time and money by dealing with accredited supply chain partners that have been audited and validated by Border Force.

As the benefits of a dedicated Border Force Account Manager have become clear we have decided to replicate this in our own approach to client services. We have matched every Magellan client with a dedicated, licensed customs broker who understands the specific regulatory requirements of their cargo, business and industry to help you navigate the complexities of customs clearance.

There’s always a downside

It is anticipated that the status quo will not be maintained.

Importers, exporters, forwarders and brokers who do not participate in the voluntary code will face greater scrutiny at clearance which may have flow on impacts on time and cost.

Could Trusted Trader accreditation be right for you?

The ATT program is open to all Australian Businesses that hold an ABN, that are actively involved in the international supply chain and have two or more years of trading and compliance history. We can help you decide if accreditation is right and support you throughout the process.

Trusted Traders receive a suite of trade facilitation benefits including:

  • A dedicated Account Manager who will be the point of contact between the Australian Government and your business
  • Priority service when requesting advanced rulings on tariffs, valuation and origin
  • Differentiated and prioritised examinations will apply as accredited organisations are recognised as low risk
  • Access to trade facilitation benefits (including a reduced customs regulatory burden) of reciprocal trading partners through Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRAs) being established between the Australian Government and our key trading partners. ATT accredited Exporters can expect preferential treatment at international borders due to their trusted status within the program.

Future benefits of the program include

  • Duty deferral allowing trusted traders to pay their duty liability monthly on a deferred basis, similar to the current GST deferral system. This represents a potentially significant cash flow benefit.
  • Removal of the need to provide certificates of origin under certain Free Trade Agreements

Magellan helps businesses better navigate in complex and uncertain global supply chain environments to help them get ahead and stay there. Get in touch with me on 1300 651 888 if you would like to discuss what Australian Trusted Trader means for your business or email me at