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12 signs you’re suffering from freight & logistics stress

In Freight Supply Chain Posted June 7, 2018 at 3:38 pm
By David Thatcher

Freight & Logistics Stress

In the recent weeks, we have shared some of the challenges Australian and New Zealand businesses face as they strive to optimise their supply chains to meet customer demand – increased complexity and risk, and the pressure that goes with it to name but a few.  You don’t need us to tell you a lot can go wrong with the many moving parts of your global supply chain.

But how do you know if your Freight Forwarder is giving you the best possible service?

There are a number of symptoms of freight & logistics stress and to get to the bottom of them you need only ask a few simple questions:

  • Does your Forwarder truly understand your business?
  • Do you get shipping solutions that suit your complex needs?
  • What happens if a problem occurs? Can you trust your provider to resolve it to your satisfaction?

These questions help you find out how much stress you’re under and where it comes from.  But how do the answers help you make informed decisions on what is best for your business?

Using the outcomes of our most recent market research, we developed a Stress Test that analyses your responses to 12 common freight forwarding scenarios.  We then calculate a score and summarise the symptoms you are experiencing in your business.

You now have powerful information to make informed decisions about how to solve your stress!

Take 5 mins to complete the Freight & Logistics Stress Test and find out if your current forwarder is a good fit for you or is delivering frustration instead of service.

Magellan helps businesses better navigate in complex and uncertain global supply chain environments to help them get ahead and stay there. Get in touch with me on 1300 651 888 if you would like to discuss the results of your Freight & Logistics Stress Test or email us at info@maglog.com.au

At Magellan Logistics, we provide a variety of services including digital freight management, importing from China and more throughout Australia. Contact us today for more information.

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