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Typhoons Affect Shipping from China and SE Asia

Heavy rain and thunderstorms in recent weeks have caused havoc across China, with floods along major rivers destroying bridges, blocking roads and railways and forcing thousands of residents to evacuate. As a result, waiting times in impacted ports, including Shanghai and Ningbo, have increased considerably.

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Magellan Logistics is now an Australian Trusted Trader

Supply chains today are incredibly complex. The need for trust and confidence between the people and organisations involved has never been more important. That’s why we sought and attained Australian Trusted Trader accreditation.

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Patrick – Port Infrastructure Surcharge – from 10 July 2017

Further to our advice in April of DP World’s introduction of a Port Infrastructure Surcharge, we have now received advice from Patrick of their intention to also apply a surcharge. Patrick is the other major container terminal operator in Australia.

Whilst the amount is not exactly the same as DP World applied, it is of a similar magnitude and will be applied on all containers (export and import) passing through their terminals in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Fremantle.

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Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has advised that The Biosecurity Act 2015 requires the use of new wording on new packing declarations.

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Changed requirements: Highly Manufactured Wooden Articles

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) has announced changes to the treatment requirements for goods considered to be highly manufactured wooden articles as they are deemed to pose a low biosecurity risk and can be released with minimal biosecurity intervention.

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Be clear on your biosecurity reporting obligations

Recently the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (incorporating AQIS) announced changes in biosecurity reporting obligations and penalties that may be imposed for failing to correctly report goods subject to a biosecurity control.

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Magellan Logistics is on the move

After almost 10 years in the MIAC Centre Magellan is delighted to be making the move to brand new premises.  And we don’t have to travel far; just across the road (Tullamarine Freeway).

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DP World – Port Infrastructure Surcharge – Melb & Syd

Please note:  Implementation of this surcharge has been delayed by 2 weeks until 17 April, 2017.

We have received advice from DP World of their intention to apply a Port Infrastructure Surcharge on all containers handled in and out of their wharf terminals in Melbourne and Sydney, to be applicable for any movements on or after April 3rd 2017. DP World are one of the two major stevedores operating wharf terminals and associated infrastructure in Melbourne and Sydney.

Melbourne DP World Notice

Sydney DP World Notice

In Melbourne the Infrastructure Surcharge (Port Access fee) has increased from $3 to $32.60 per container, while in Sydney the per container fee will increase from $0 to $21.14 for all containers delivered through the terminal (import & export).

These charges will be levied via the 1-Stop Vehicle Booking System or via the rail operator, and we believe will be reflected as a surcharge to the local transport costs for any movements through DP World.

DP World has blamed the fee increases largely on “occupancy costs”.  We have not (yet) received any advice from the other major wharf terminal operator/stevedore that they also intend to levy a similar charge.

Our industry representative body is in discussion with DP World regarding the validity and application of this surcharge to the direct users of the terminal, rather than having them pass the cost on to their customers, which are the shipping lines.

We will advise immediately should any of this fee proposal change.

Magellan has your back on this and other freight matters.  If you have any questions, please get in touch with me via or call your Magellan Customer Service Team member on 1300 651 888.

2017-01-30 – Final – Notice to shipping lines.pdf
2017-01-31 – Letter to Freight and Trade Alliance.pdf

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CityLink tolls to increase significantly for commercial vehicles

The Victorian State Government and Citylink’s owner Transurban have reached an agreement which will see tolls increase for commercial vehicles using Citylink.

The increase is being imposed to help pay for the $1.28 billion CityLink and Tullamarine Freeway widening project.

From the 1st of April tolls increase by up to 125% for all heavy commercial vehicles, including container transporters using CityLink and the Monash Freeway.  This will affect freight moving along the heavily trafficked freight corridors to and from Melbourne’s North and West along Bolte Bridge and the Tullamarine Freeway.

The tolls increase will more than likely result in an increase in transport prices as the container transport operators have resolved to pass the additional costs down the supply chain.  Individual transport operators are in the process of amending their pricing models to accommodate these increases.

Magellan has partnerships with a number of different transport companies and we await advice from them on changes to transport pricing structures after 1 April.  When we have a full picture of what the toll increase will mean for our clients we will communicate with our clients on specific changes that affect them directly.  We expect to be in a position to do this in the next week.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your Magellan team member or contact me on 1300 651 888 or

Media release: Container Transport Alliance Australia

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Last Friday 27 January 2017, APSA received notification of an indian service tax on pre-paid imports into India.

It appears that a significant service tax (4.5%) is to be levied by the Indian Ministry of Finance for all cargoes landed in India on or after 22 January 2017. The tax is to be collected by the foreign-owned shipping lines, who have already attempted to start collecting the tax from Australian exporters. Up until recently an exemption was given on pre-paid ocean freight.

APSA (Australian Peak Shippers Association) has not yet received any advice from the Australian Government and it is unclear whether or not the tax should be collected from the Australian shippers or from the local consignees. If is to be collected from Australian shippers then we do expect an outcry from the export community.

We are awaiting clarification from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), but in the meantime please do not hesitate to get in touch with me directly or your Magellan Customer Service team member for further information on 1300 651 888.

Please refer to the official notices from the Indian Ministry of Finance below:
Service Tax Amendment Jan 2017.pdf
Notification No 1-2017-ST.pdf
Notification No 2-2017-ST.pdf
Notification No 3-2017-ST.pdf

Freight & Trade Alliance

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