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New freight forwarding scam – protect your business

In Announcements Posted June 8, 2016 at 10:24 am
By David Thatcher


We wanted to let you, our readers and clients know of an email scam that is doing the rounds at the moment. At least two of our clients have become victims to this one in the last few weeks.

This fraud comes in the form of an email from a supplier asking for payment for a shipment and advising of new bank details.   It seems that the scammers hack the supplier’s email account, find details of a current shipment or payment due and whilst they have control of the supplier’s email account they send an email asking for payment and provide new bank details.

Everyone should be VERY aware of this scam.

If any suppliers ask you to pay into a different account to usual verify this with them directly.

If you suspect someone is attempting a scam you can report it here.  Educate yourself on how to spot a scam and protect yourself with these useful tips.

Please get in touch with your Magellan Customer Service Rep on 1300 651 888 if you suspect one of your freight movements is being targeted by a scammer.

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