The roles of collaboration, company size and cultural alignment are often underestimated.

Do you consider where your company sits in terms of the importance your logistics partner places on your business? What about their collaboration with you and your people? Do you feel your business needs are well understood? And do their services and operational expertise meet your needs? Or does it feel like an awkward fit and you’re always having to explain yourself?

Gone are the days when simply moving goods from A to B for the cheapest rate makes you better. The whole gamut of matters, including how well your partner collaborates with your business should be considered and weighed up.


To give the best service to your customers it is vital you receive the best service from your partners.

Smart importers understand that cost savings on rates don’t always add up to be the best investment in their supply chain logistics. In fact, very often the best logistics providers earn their reputations because they add value to their customers’ supply chains, rather than merely keep costs low.


With the increased enforcement and focus on compliance around the world, it is critical you have the right partners guiding you and protecting your organisation.

Partners invested in your success allow you to leverage their experience and deliver value directly to your business. These kinds of partners want to learn more about your business, understand your needs (and those of your customers) and deliver new ideas. In the end, collaboration with your partners improves the overall health and growth of your business.

The value of a logistics partner is often not apparent until something goes spectacularly wrong. That’s when your partner demonstrates their ability to ‘walk on water’ and their vital contribution is realised—or not.

What changes have you seen in the last few years that have truly benefited your supply chain and business? Does your partner value transparency? Are they contributing to the optimisation of your supply chain? Do you feel your account manager is there for you for more than just the simple tasks?

Very often if you’re not a big player yourself, then the big players just won’t give you the service you need. They can’t; it doesn’t align with their structure and business model.


Leveraging the power in your supply chain can give your organisation a genuine boost. What are you missing out on if you are not with a collaborative style partner? It’s a long list and depends on the nature of your business. Here are a few examples:

• Access to deep operational experience and tailored solutions with the right range of services to meet your needs

• Assistance with planning your import operations, especially during peak periods to ensure product is available in stores and warehouses when your customers want it with a minimum of fuss

• Guaranteed space, even in peak periods

• The confidence that the partners who act on your behalf are compliant with the highest standards in the industry

• Detailed reports customisable to your specifications, automatically triggered based on identified events

• Near real-time data integration between your system, your forwarder and your 3pl

• Logistics strategy and consultancy; including advice on consolidations, establishing an offshore 3pl function, Chain of Responsibility, Australian Trusted Trader accreditation

• Regular business reviews with clearly defined goals to push you forward

• Access to a global network of partners who are on the ground where your cargo is at each point in the chain

• An experienced, dedicated team-member acting as an extension of your organisation transferring knowledge into your team

• Joint supplier meetings at origin

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