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They say you can’t buy style, so when there’s demand for your product you can safely put your trust in Magellan to deliver the season’s biggest trends directly to your stores.  Magellan Logistics understands the demands of the fashion business – from the factory floor in Asia, to your Sydney retail store,

We provide specialised import services for the garments and textile business:

  • Garments-on-hangers (GOH) or Flat packs – to make the transportation of your garments easy, safe and cost-effective. Our logistics experts handle high fashion with care.
  • Customs clearance advice – from complex duty requirements to understanding the import charges applicable to your goods, plus potential eligibility for valuable discount, Magellan can talk you through all you need to know – from TRADEX to tariffs.
  • Triangle shipments and other specialised shipping options.
  • Meeting seasonal deadlines – depending on your cargo, seasonal deadlines can have a big impact on your business success. Our Magellan Logistics team understands the ins-and-outs of realistic transportation time-frames to ensure your goods arrive on time, every time.
  • Air freight or sea freight – for an honest answer about what your business needs, you can trust Magellan Logistics. Our experienced shipping specialists give you the right advice so you can choose the most effective freight options for your cargo needs.
  • Accurate advice on all shipping options
    • Full or partial container loads.
    • Multi-vendor consolidation.
  • Peace of mind with 24/7 shipment tracking via MagTrack – by knowing where your cargo is and when it is due to arrive, your business cargo needs can be taken care of, stress-free.


Retail is an important industry, which is why we have an underlying focus on the level of support and advice provide our retail clients.  Knowing customs and quarantine regulations is essential to the seamless delivery of your imported homewares and retail goods. Whether you’re importing dinnerware, furniture, linen, cutlery or general homewares, Magellan Logistics ensures your imported cargo arrives safely and in mint condition.

We provide specialised import services for homewares and retail goods:

  • Professional advice we provide on import duties. Know the import charges that apply and any discounts your goods may be eligible for with Magellan’s import expertise – Our team helps you save time and money by giving you all the facts about shipping your goods.
  • Customs clearance advice – getting through customs smoothly helps your business run better. With our expert advice, your goods can clear quickly and efficiently to keep your business moving.
  • Quarantine processes.
  • Seasonal shipping options – to stop seasonal delivery stresses impacting on your business, our Magellan Logistics team talks you through the realistic time-frames to ship your items on time, every time.
  • Air freight or sea freight – with the right advice from our logistics professionals, you can choose the most appropriate transport options for your business.
  • Accurate advice on all shipping options
    • Full or partial container loads.
    • Multi-vendor consolidation.
  • Peace of mind with 24/7 Shipment Tracking via MagTrack.

General Cargo

Whatever your goods – and wherever in the world they are – your imported cargo is always protected, for prompt, safe delivery.  

Our import services ensure smooth delivery every time:

  • Competitive rates for air or sea; full container load (FCL) or less than a container (LCL).
  • Pro-active customs clearance advice including commercial marking requirements.
  • Alliances with premier shipping services from China, the USA and Europe.
  • Alliances with premier airlines.
  • Detailed information on the duty applicable.
  • Triangle shipment expertise.
  • Timely and relevant communications about your shipment.
  • Advice on meeting seasonal deadlines cost effectively.
  • Multi-vendor consolidations.
  • 24/7 tracking of your shipment using MagTrack.

At Magellan Logistics, our experience is as diverse as the goods we carry. With experience in exporting and importing for industrial / manufacturing and technology, we are your smart choice for safe delivery.


Serving the manufacturing industry, Magellan is a leader in safely delivering all of your manufacturing goods.


We understand the importance of technology in this fast paced economy, which is why we transport the latest technology across the globe and directly to your door.

Visibility & Control

Access to timely and relevant information about shipments is critical to your supply chain. Too often there is frustration over the gap in the level of visibility and control you need vs what you’re getting.

Because we are committed to providing the best possible forwarding service it is incumbent on us to ensure we provide you with more choice in how you engage with us and integrate our service deeper into your supply chains.

Our agile operating system enables us to offer automated standard and custom reporting, web portal access and even full integration – as much or as little as you want, delivered in a way that suits you best. Combined with Magellan’s specialised, client focused service our systems provide the best combination of visibility and control.

End-to-end visibility over the order, suppliers and third-party logistics partners
Near real-time data integration allows complete visibility and control of all shipping activity
Tailor reports to your specifications and automatically trigger information based on identified events
Early detection of exceptions ensures shipments arrive on time and containers are returned before detention starts
Data analytics to efficiently direct warehouse, retail and last mile delivery teams, speeding up the delivery process while maintaining the quality
Advanced automation minimises manual reporting - improving time and accuracy
Notifications and alerts on-the-go give you the potential to resolve disruptions before they disrupt your business


MagTrack is Magellan’s proprietary online order tracking system which integrates your information technology systems with ours.