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Import and Export of Medical Devices

Australia and New Zealand’s world-class healthcare systems, R&D incentives, and internationally recognised expertise make them attractive markets for importing, manufacturing, and exporting medical devices.

Modern medicine demands innovative solutions such as medical devices, supplies, and medications. Healthcare freight solutions play a vital role in ensuring the seamless movement of these essential goods throughout the supply chain. While pharmaceutical and medical device shipping may share similar processes with other industries, the margin for error in medical logistics is exceptionally narrow.

Shipping medical devices presents unique challenges.

The urgent and intricate nature of medical device shipping and medical freight demands quick turnaround times and meticulous attention to detail, which can drive up costs. Healthcare companies face the challenge of balancing cost-effectiveness with maintaining high-quality and speedy operations to stay competitive in a market where top-tier logistics networks are a distinguishing factor.

This is why at Magellan, we offer an array of specialised import services for medical freight and healthcare freight:

UK, Europe, US specialists

  • Air freight, sea freight consolidations, cross trades and distribution to multiple destinations.
  • Our extensive partner network of Australia trade-lane specialists takes a flexible, hands-on approach to solving challenges at origin.

Air freight expertise

  • Consolidation services from all airfreight hubs worldwide.
  • Complete visibility and milestone tracking, including uplift, ETA, check-in and delivery.
  • 24/7 availability, including weekend uplifts and deliveries.

Customs clearance

Medical devices are subject to stringent regulations, requiring supply chain logistics to adhere to critical functions to ensure compliance. Magellan’s licensed customs brokers handle all imports and exports according to TGA and other global regulatory bodies, including:

  • The preparation of international trade documentation, including preference certificates, export licenses, export grants and valuation.
  • Our Europe-based brokers ensure compliance with local tariff regulations and provide a VAT reclaim service in selected markets.
  • Our US-based brokers advise on tariffs, import security filings, transaction bond applications and assigning CBP numbers.

Visibility and Sustainability

  • Real-time shipment tracking: Gain complete peace of mind with 24/7 access to our MagTrack platform, providing real-time visibility of your shipments.
  • Carbon offset freight: Accelerate your journey towards net-zero emissions with our carbon offset freight service that integrates seamlessly with your logistics processes.

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