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Damaged cargo? 4 tips to avoid it

In Customs Operations Posted July 23, 2015 at 8:28 am
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Magellan’s number one priority is to ensure that your cargo arrives at its final destination in full, on time, and importantly, undamaged. Although we select our airlines, shipping lines and sub-contractors carefully based on their ability to ensure this, the reality is that cargo will occasionally be damaged or pilfered in transit.

The following 4 important points will help you minimize any potential loss if something does go wrong.

1. Prevention is always the best cure.

Discussions with your manufacturer regarding suitable packaging ahead of shipping will be well worthwhile. If your product or brand has appeal for the general public, we recommend that the outer packaging does not identify the contents.

2. Check your cargo for signs of damage or loss;

immediately upon receipt of any consignment,  and note any discrepancies on the delivery paperwork. It is also important to notify your freight provider as soon as possible. This will provide the best chance of determining when and where the damage has occurred, and will also enable the claims process to begin. Your Magellan representative will report back to you throughout the investigation, and depending on their findings, will also guide you through the claims process.

3. The legal side of freight forwarding is complicated;

involving agency agreements, principals, liability limitations, terms & conditions and international conventions, etc…It is important to note that airlines, shipping lines and road transport operators operate under limited or nil legal liability. Because of this Magellan thoroughly recommends all importers & exporters arrange suitable marine insurance which will provide compensation in a relatively short timeframe for any damage or loss. Due to Australia insurance regulations, Magellan is unable provide advice directly relating to any insurance arrangement, but we can provide a referral to our preferred marine insurance provider, and facilitate either per shipment insurance or annual coverage. Detail can be found at www.magellanlogistics.com.au.

4. Magellan can also provide advice on incoterms;

which will stipulate the point at which the risk and responsibility transfers from the seller to the buyer; an important point to consider when placing your order with the supplier or manufacturer. We can also provide information on the risks involved with international shipping and what can be done to mitigate those risks. Depending on when and from where your cargo departs, the risks can be greater than normal e.g. water damage due to local monsoon season.

Contact Magellan today for further information on how we can protect your cargo based on your unique supply chain requirements via email or 1300 651 888.

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