Edi came to freight forwarding in an unorthodox way.  After completing a Bachelor of Management (Marketing) and commencing a career in market research he was looking for a role where he could really test his sales credentials.

After some 15 years in the industry Edi’s decision to join Magellan was based on our reputation and specialist services.  Our retail and airfreight focus demonstrated that our processes, people and value proposition were strong and being locally-owned would give him the space to put his stamp on it.

And Edi has added an extra string to Magellan’s bow.  Using his export experience Edi has enhanced our operational expertise in this area and broadened the range of markets and commodities we handle.

Asked about what motivates him, Edi puts it down to a combination of the faith management has in him and the support and resources they provide – a combination of autonomy and teamwork.

When he’s not key account planning, Edi relishes his time with his young children and family. Apart from the having the misfortune of supporting the Carlton Football Club Edi also enjoys soccer and is a keen guitarist.