David’s career in logistics dates back to his post-high school days and he well remembers his first on-the-job duties involving the manual delivery of typed ships’ manifests.

The world of international freight forwarding has definitely changed and David – who is an active member of the CEO Institute – has moved with them adeptly, to carve a successful career as an entrepreneur and business leader.

His career highlights showcase a variety of experiences and international roles including overseeing South-East Asia operations for a leading freight forwarder, as well as a pivotal role in the establishment of a successful sales program in the USA.

In 1997, David launched his own freight forwarding and logistics venture – Magellan Logistics – in Melbourne. By 2011, his dynamic leadership saw the company grow to 35 employees. In that same year, David made the decision to enhance his leadership skills even more and commenced the Owner/President Management Course at Harvard Business School.

This professional investment has rewarded him with Magellan Logistics’ continued growth – driven by his passionate commitment to the needs of all the company’s clients.

“I have always been ambitious to grow the business through focussing on the customer and their requirements. And we are equally committed to the development of our staff – they are the best asset we have,” says David. “My job still isn’t done here and I am looking forward to the next 15 years!”