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Merry Christmas from Magellan

In Christmas Sponsorship Posted December 19, 2022 at 5:03 pm
By Magellan Logistics

Christmas 2022 (1200 × 627 px)

Merry Christmas from Magellan. As 2022 draws to a close, it gives us joy to wish you, your team and your family all our best for a healthy and Happy New Year.

Thank you again for your support throughout the year. We look forward to continuing to work together for many years to come.

At Magellan, we are proud to continue our support of the work of Children’s Ground.

About Children’s Ground

Children’s Ground is a bold not-for-profit organisation designed and led by First Nations people in Australia that aims to bring lasting change to communities experiencing profound disadvantage by empowering people with the resources to achieve excellence. Every child born today should experience a lifetime of opportunity, entering adulthood strong in their identity and culture, connected to their local and global world, and economically independent. If all children can experience this basic right, then whole communities will enjoy well-being. If you would like to make a contribution of your own, you can do so here.

This work is by artist Amunda (Kngwarraye) Gorey.

Amunda is an Arrernte artist who grew up in the remote community of Ltyentye Apurte (Santa Teresa), South East of Mparntwe (Alice Springs). Amunda has tried her hand at pottery, batik, sketching, painting, and drawing. After finishing boarding school in 2002, she took up painting with acrylics and saw it as more than just a hobby.

That’s when her art career started. Painting in this contemporary style gives Amunda much joy and relaxation. Amunda explains, “When I’m painting, I think about anything and everything, from my troubles to my happy times, my children and my childhood; it also relaxes me, and I see it as my ‘me’ time”. Consistently of exceptional quality, Amunda’s paintings are executed in the Santa Teresa style and commonly depict and reference the cultural knowledge her Aunties & Grandmothers have given her. Amunda paints about the intergenerational learning and teaching that happens in First Nations families, especially out on Country. Flora is also a big theme that Amunda paints, like wildflowers, bush medicines & wild fruits and berries. Amunda is now teaching her daughters to paint and showing them how stories can be interpreted into art, old and new stories.

Amunda tells the story of her work.

“This painting represents generations, handing down of culture, language, and knowledge to the next generation. It has been passed on for thousands of generations and will continue to do so. Everything starts from Country. Your identity starts from what Country you are from. It has a relationship that cannot be destroyed because the spirit lives deep in the land. People may get physically separated from their Country for many reasons but never separated from the spirit of their Country.”


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Merry Christmas from Magellan.

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