Freight Forwarding FAQs

The consignor (or shipper) is the person who is the originator of the shipment. A consignee is the person who is the receiver or buyer of the shipment.

The person that arranges the international freight is in control of the routing and costs. If your cargo is time critical or high value you may want to be in charge of these arrangements. We will act on your behalf to ensure your cargo is moved on a service that will meet your delivery deadlines. Please contact our Client Services team for more information.

Seafreight shipments of less than a container load (LCL) are charged on a “one-to-one” basis. This means that every one tonne (1,000kgs) equals one cubic metre (cbm). For example, for a shipment which is 2.65cbm and 3 tonne, volumetric measurement is 3 tonne (3 tonne is greater than 2.65cbm)

A 20’ General Purpose (20’GP) container has a volume of 33 cubic metres and will usually hold approx. 27-28 cubic metres of cargo – depending on the packing.
A 40’ General Purpose (40’GP) container has a volume of 67 cubic metres and will hold 55-60 cubic metres of cargo – depending on the packing. A 40’ High Cube (40’HC) container has a volume of 76 cubic metres and will hold about 65-70 cubic metres of cargo – depending on the packing.

Australian GST paid on imported goods can only be claimed back in an Australian GST return. If your company is registered for GST in Australia, this is a simple process. If not, please contact your business accountant for further details.

Yes, Magellan Logistics accepts payment in US dollars. Please contact our Accounts Receivable team for account details.

Each container has a maximum cargo weight. Generally the maximum weight limit on roads is 28.5 tonnes gross (including weight of container, trailer and goods) and a maximum weight limit of 23 tonnes for sideloader deliveries. Please contact our Cartage team should you wish to discuss this further.

IATA regulations state that 1kg will be charged for 6,000 cubic centimetres of volume. This is the equivalent of 167 Kilos per cubic metre. For example, a shipment that weighs 285kgs and is 2 cubic metres, the volumetric measurement would be 334kgs (2 cubic metres x 167=334kgs which is greater than 285kgs).

Unfortunately, Magellan Logistics cannot complete an insurance policy for your goods. Please contact our Client Services team who can recommend a specialist marine insurer for your cargo.

Duty rates are dependent on the commodity of cargo being imported. Please contact our Customs team for further information on the duty rates applicable for your shipment.

You need to ensure you have the following documents:

  • Bill of Lading (sea freight) or Airway bill (air freight)
  • A commercial invoice which is in English and includes a description of each type of item, the country of origin, invoice amount and currency.
  • A packing declaration for sea freight cargo

You may also require an overseas fumigation certificate from an approved fumigation company, a phytosanitary certificate, a permit issued by a regional health authority, an import permit and a certificate of origin. Please contact our Customs team for further information on required documents for your shipment

Australia needs help to protect its important agricultural industries and unique natural environment from exotic pests and diseases. By providing a packing declaration you will ensure the fastest clearance of cargo and help Australia keep out exotic pests and diseases.

A packing declaration is required by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) for all sea freight shipments. The packing declaration should be completed by the packer of the goods, on their letterhead and must show a numerical link to the shipment (e.g. Bill of Lading Number, Container Number, Commercial Invoice Number). This declaration will provide details of container cleanliness and whether straw and timber have been used as packing material. If you don’t provide this information the container will have to be opened and inspected at a quarantine-approved premises.

You can apply for an annual packing declaration if you import on a regular basis.

Please contact a member of our Customs team for further information.

Yes, Magellan Logistics accepts payment by Visa or Mastercard. There is a 1.25% service fee applicable on all credit card transactions to cover the transaction cost.

Please contact Accounts Receivable for the applicable forms.

No, unfortunately Magellan Logistics does not handle personal effects.

This will be determined by the aircraft. Most international air cargo is moved on passenger aircraft. Cargo should be less than 3 metres in length, 2 metres in width and 1.5 metres high. Please consult our Air freight specialists should you need to ship cargo greater than these dimensions. This will be determined by the aircraft, origin, destination, and routing.

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