Importers encouraged to supply import documents with longer lead time.


The Department of Agriculture (otherwise known as Quarantine) announced that from 15th October 2014 they will no longer be accepting documents for processing over the counter. This applies to all offices Australia-wide.

Customs brokers including Magellan Logistics, will now be required to email all commercial documents subject to quarantine. Previously customs brokers could send a courier to the quarantine office and get documents processed on the spot, which resulted in fast turnaround.

With the new process and requirement now in place to email documents beforehand, the response time will be approximately 24 hours.

Importers should take this additional time into account when preparing their documents to be sent to their customs broker, to ensure that goods can be cleared through Customs and Quarantine in a timely manner.

This will assist in avoiding delays and additional charges once the goods are available.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact our Customs team on 1300 651 888.