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Solas / VGM FAQs for the freight Industry

A SOLAS / VGM FAQs document has been compiled by TT Club in collaboration with World Shipping Council, Global Shippers’ Forum and ICHCA International in response to the many questions that have been raised by the industry in relation to the revised SOLAS / VGM regulation.   The amendments to this regulation have substantial impact on practices of parties in the international supply chain involved in the movement of containers by sea.

While the SOLAS / VGM convention relates to the safety of ships at sea, it is also concerned with shore based activities relating to the presentation of cargo that are fundamental to safe outcomes at sea.

These FAQs relate to new rules, effective from 1 July 2016, and provide considerable detail concerning the requirement for shippers to verify the gross mass of a container carrying cargo. The rules prescribe two methods by which the shipper may obtain the verified gross mass of a packed container:

Download a copy of the SOLAS / VGM FAQs document from our site.

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