With more than 30 years of industry experience Joe joined Magellan as Sales Director in 2004.
Right from his very first role as a fresh faced young man in the (then much smaller) freight forwarding and logistics industry Joe could see enormous growth potential as the changing nature of the economy saw Australian manufacturing begin to shift their operations off-shore. The need for specialist, reliable freight forwarding was obvious to Joe even then.
Joe’s commitment to ‘finding a better way’ and his ability to anticipate and troubleshoot potential problems sees him recognised as an industry leader in fast moving fashion and textiles supply chain logistics.
Joe has exacting standards and a sophisticated understanding of customer service. His leadership in this area has contributed to Magellan’s reputation as a top-performing and progressive freight forwarder providing high level client experience and agile handling of all jobs.
What are the secrets to his ongoing success? Joe attributes it to his experience in all facets of the logistics business from management to operations and sales to customer service as well as his equal strengths across sea and airfreight, including Garments on Hangers.

Joe enjoys spending time with family and dog as well as running and cooking his favourite meals. Somewhat unexpectedly, Joe has recently taken up playing the drum-kit and by all reports, he is pretty good!