An Industrial Engineer is not who you’d typically expect to find filling the role of Commercial Manager at a freight forwarder, but as Darko explains, the parallels are obvious. Both disciplines demand an ability to distil a highly complex set of variables into simple outcomes.

Through his managerial experience in Fortune 500 companies Darko has honed his ability to systematically analyse organisations and manage the change and transformation process. The engineer in him always tends to look at things not for what they are, but for what they can be.

Never one to step away from a challenge Darko cites helping clients stay ahead in an ever-changing supply chain environment as his chief motivation and he thrives on solving complex problems and improving clients’ supply chains in collaboration with the other experts at Magellan.

Darko’s vision is for Magellan to become one of the largest Australian owned logistics companies and a leader in freight forwarding and supply chain services.

By the age of 23 Darko had lived in five countries on three continents.  It’s little wonder he loves to spend his weekends chilling out strumming his guitar or on camping and fishing trips with friends and family.