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New Appointments at Magellan Logistics

It is with great pleasure that we announce the new appointments of two team members at Magellan Logistics New Zealand Limited.

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Magellan Gives Back

We have been in a reflective mood lately at Magellan.  Sometimes it’s important to pause and reevaluate what’s important to us and what we are grateful for.  We only had to look around our offices to realise what is all too easy to forget – our very real privilege.  Sure things aren’t perfect – nothing is. But our daily gripes and grumbles are petty compared with the disadvantage many people in Australia experience daily, especially our First Nations people.

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12 signs you’re suffering from freight & logistics stress

How do you know if your Freight Forwarder is giving you the best possible service? There are a number of symptoms of freight & logistics stress. To get to the bottom of them you need only ask a few simple questions:

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Merry Christmas 2017

We’d like to take this opportunity to offer our thanks to all our clients, partners and agents for yet another wonderful year.

This year we celebrated our 20th year of operations in international freight forwarding and customs broking and it has given us the opportunity to look back and reflect.

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Magellan Logistics is on the move

After almost 10 years in the MIAC Centre Magellan is delighted to be making the move to brand new premises.  And we don’t have to travel far; just across the road (Tullamarine Freeway).

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China’s Comeback: Destination Hong Kong

As fashion executives around the world reported in the first BoF- McKinsey Global Fashion Survey, the year 2016 can be summarised in three words: uncertain, changing, and challenging. But in spite of this, fashion remains one of the key value-creating industries for the world economy.

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The State of Global Fashion 2017 – Uncertain, Changing and Challenging

Looking back at 2016 — one of the toughest years on record for global fashion. As fashion executives around the world reported in the first BoF-McKinsey Global Fashion Survey, 2016 can be summarised in three words: uncertain, changing, and challenging.

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Magellan Expands Again – this time it’s Brisbane

Magellan has recognised the opportunity that exists in the Brisbane market to both broaden services to our existing clients who already ship direct to Brisbane, as well as to offer the same high service standards to Brisbane based businesses.

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New freight forwarding scam – protect your business

We wanted to let you, our readers and clients know of an email scam that is doing the rounds at the moment. At least two of our clients have become victims to this one in the last few weeks.

This fraud comes in the form of an email from a supplier asking for payment for a shipment and advising of new bank details.   It seems that the scammers hack the supplier’s email account, find details of a current shipment or payment due and whilst they have control of the supplier’s email account they send an email asking for payment and provide new bank details.

Everyone should be VERY aware of this scam.

If any suppliers ask you to pay into a different account to usual verify this with them directly.

If you suspect someone is attempting a scam you can report it here.  Educate yourself on how to spot a scam and protect yourself with these useful tips.

Please get in touch with your Magellan Customer Service Rep on 1300 651 888 if you suspect one of your freight movements is being targeted by a scammer.

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Freight forwarder in New Zealand takes off

One year on from the official opening of our Auckland office Magellan Logistics New Zealand is going from strength to strength.

The reason we entered the New Zealand market – to both broaden our services to our existing Australian clients who ship direct to New Zealand, as well as offering the same high service standards to New Zealand based businesses has been borne out.  Magellan NZ has set an enviable 12 month benchmark in retaining 100% of the business it handled as an agent and growing consignment numbers by some 500% in 10 months.  No wonder we’re hiring!

Due to this recent, impressive growth Magellan NZ now also provides customs brokerage and operations to complement its freight forwarding services and as such is well poised to continue its expansion in the years to come.

Paul and his new team enjoy a reputation for the responsive and agile service they provide to agents, exporters and importers alike.  This service is characterised by excellence and the Magellan values that underpin the way we conduct all our business – integrity, professionalism, transparency, respect and quality.

Located on Auckland’s growing North Shore, Magellan is ideally situated close to the city – the heart of Auckland’s thriving fashion district – and Auckland port.  Many of our growing list of clients are located within the North Shore business community, and our close proximity aids us in providing our superior levels of customer service.  This location is also convenient to West Auckland and Paul and his team are never too far away from the airport and South Auckland based customers.

Agents looking for improved service levels and local on the ground knowledge should refer their freehand cargo and any sales leads to Paul Knight at or on +64 9 974 4818 or +64 9 974 4817, or via mobile on +64 (0)21 497024.

We look forward to assisting our growing base of existing customers and future New Zealand based and Australian clients with their freight forwarding, customs clearance and 3PL needs, into and out of New Zealand.

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