Adverse weather affecting freight in India & USA

In Customer Service Delays Posted August 31, 2017 at 10:33 am
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adverse weather india usa

Adverse weather in India and USA is affecting freight movements.


Mumbai and other cities in the west coast of India have been experiencing heavy rainfall for the last week. Since this morning, rain has intensified and caused flooding in most parts of Mumbai. The regional meteorological department is predicting the heavy rains and flooding to continue to worsen over the next few days.

Activities related to imports and exports by Air Freight or sea freight are seriously impacted by this.


Further, in Houston, Texas has caused freight companies to reroute cargo and set up alternate supply lines as Tropical Storm Harvey promises to disrupt freight traffic across southeast Texas for days to come.

Seaports in Houston and Corpus Christi remain closed to most ships since Friday, and rising waters threaten stretches of highway and railway, bringing freight transportation to a standstill.

Authorities do not expect the to dissipate until later in the week. Even after the weather clears, it could be days before floodwaters recede enough to allow dockworkers back into ports, or trucks to resume normal routes.

It is expected that the storm’s impact will quickly radiate outward through the nation’s transportation network.

We ask that importers prepare for delays on cargo ex Mumbai and USA (transiting through Texas) due to these adverse weather events.

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